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ECA was founded with the specific goal of creating complete elevator management programs for each of our clients.  Whether we are brought in to provide an assessment of the elevators in their current condition, to plan for a modernization, or to review and comment on an existing maintenance contract, our aim is to go beyond each of those basic services to bring your elevator service to a whole new level.  We want to save you time by answering your questions whenever they come up, and to provide you with the best value in your modernization or maintenance contractual relationship with your service provider.

At ECA, we truly believe that we are not in a “zero sum” game where someone has to lose for someone else to win.  We believe that the building owner/manager can receive excellent service at a competitive price, and that the contractor can also receive a fair price and have fair expectations for their work.  Our expertise is in bringing owner, contractor and consultant together to craft a plan which maximizes operational efficiency and allows everyone to win.

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Is Your Elevator Maintenance Contract About to Expire?

We'll provide a complimentary assessment of your existing contract, along with advice on how best to proceed in establishing your new contract.

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