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Elevator Due Diligence Services

When you require a due diligence assessment for elevators, escalators, moving walks, or any other sort of vertical or horizontal transportation, call on the experts at ECA to take a look.  We are experts in all code requirements, and have our finger on the pulse of all major markets to provide accurate budgeting for all necessary work, both immediate and over the term of interest.  We typically are contracted by PCA companies to subcontract the elevator portion of their reports, but we work with owners/managers as well.   For a complete and accurate assessment of the costs and expected remaining useful life of the equipment at the subject property, ECA is your best bet.

The following is a sample scope of work for Elevator Due Diligence Services:

A.  ECA will visit the subject property and perform a complete examination of all vertical transportation machine spaces, including machine rooms, hoistways, cartops, pits, inside elevator cabs, and in the hallways.  For escalators, we examine the entire unit, including top and bottom machine spaces (we will need assistance from the service provider to check escalator machine spaces).

B.  Following our visit, we provide a report which will include the following:

    1. A detailed description of the existing equipment;
    2. Critical deficiencies in maintenance for each elevator, especially those which are classified as deferred maintenance or which would incur a cost from ownership now or in the future;
    3. An overall assessment of the current level of maintenance being provided;
    4. An assessment of the compliance of the surveyed units with ADA, including whether any immediate or future action is required for correction
    5. A detailed analysis of the remaining useful life of the equipment, along with budgets for any expected expenditures up to and including replacement or modernization.

C.  As part of this service, we will review the elevator maintenance contract at the property and include our recommendations in our report regarding whether the form of contract is providing the best value for the property, and any improvements which could be made when the contract expires.  We will also specifically note any exposure to costs in the near- or long-term associated with continued participation in this contract.  Finally, we will assess whether the contract is cancelable upon sale of the property or by any other means.

D.  THE ECA DIFFERENCE:  When you contract with ECA for Elevator Due Diligence Services, we will answer any/all questions you have about our report over the following calendar year.  We will also participate in conference calls as needed with you or with your clients or other parties as required.  Our goal is to help you understand our report completely and be able to provide a 100% accurate and informed assessment of the vertical transportation at the property.  By keeping ourselves available over the year following our initial inspection, we can help you provide all necessary information, even if questions come up well after the fact.

Is Your Elevator Maintenance Contract About to Expire?

We'll provide a complimentary assessment of your existing contract, along with advice on how best to proceed in establishing your new contract.

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