Elevator Traffic Study

When you have an existing elevator bank or banks that don’t seem to be serving your tenants properly, it often helps to have an Elevator Traffic Study performed to see if there are any options to improve the elevator service.  The first thing to do is check and see if the elevators are performing as expected per industry standards.  If they are, there may be other options which can help, up to and including changing dispatching means to destination-based dispaching (which normally requires a modernization), adding split bank or shuttle operations, etc.

The following is a sample scope of work for an Elevator Traffic Study:

A.  ECA will visit the subject property and perform a complete inventory of all elevators to be included in the study.  We will also observe traffic patterns, preferably at the busiest time of day.  Usually during the same visit, we will interview you and others familiar with the property about the usage of the subject bank.  We will also gather information from you related to the building popluation in order to complete our study.

B.  Following our visit, we will conduct the Elevator Traffic Study using simulation sofware.  We will then prepare a report including the following:

    1. A detailed description of the existing equipment;
    2. Traffic calculations showing whether the bank is performing as expected under the current configuration with the existing equipment;
    3. Theoretical traffic calculations showing other scenarios which may provide better service for your tenants;
    4. When other scenarios are provided, we will include detailed scopes of work and budgets to accomplish those scenarios, up to and including modernization scopes and budgets should our scenarios include destination dispatch or other options requiring a full modernization project.

C.  THE ECA DIFFERENCE:  When you contract with ECA for an Elevator Traffic Study, we will answer any/all questions you have about our report over the following calendar year.  Our goal is to help you understand our report and the options that we present for your property.  By keeping ourselves available over the year following our initial report, we can insure that you gain the maximum value from our service and choose the correct path forward for the elevators in question.

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