If you have a stack of elevator invoices sitting on your desk, you’re not alone.  It’s hard to know whether to pay them or not, and what makes it harder is you know that some of them are probably not valid.  The good news is, your elevator contractor isn’t out to get you.  Their route mechanics service dozens of properties, and it is very difficult for them to remember what is chargeable and what is not since each property probably has a different contract.  So if the service the mechanic performs is typically chargeable, he submits his time for billing.  The billing department tries to catch any that shouldn’t be billed, but the volume is just too great for them to catch all of them.

So the result is, of the invoices on your desk, 80% are probably valid, 10% may not be, and another 10% are probably “gray area” and really require some time and research to determine whether you should pay.  Add to this the fact that some contracts aren’t very clear as to what is or isn’t covered, and that elevator service is a complicated and varied discipline that in itself is hard to fully understand, and many Owners and Managers find themselves procrastinating when it comes to dealing with those elevator invoices.

This is where Elevator Consulting Associates can help.  We are experts in elevator service and in all types of elevator contracts.  We understand the language, and we understand the services that generate each invoice.  Where it may take hours for you to research an invoices, we can usually tell very quickly whether it should be paid or not.  And when one of those “grey area” invoices comes around, we have relationships with all major and independent elevator contractors, so we can work with them and with you to reach an equitable solution.

So next time you look at that stack of invoices on your desk, you don’t have to just wish they would go away.  Give us a call, and we can make them go away for you…so you can get back to more important things.

To learn more about how we can help, check out our Total Invoice Management for Elevators plan under Services on our website.