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Online Elevator Records Analysis

All of the major elevator companies now have their service records available online.  If you use one of those companies, you may already be set up to view those records.  The question is, do you have time to log on and browse their records?  If you do, would you know what to look for?  Well, ECA has the time, and we definitely know what to look for.  By reviewing your online records on a regular basis, we can check to be sure the service you are receiving is in accordance with your contract and with industry standards.

The following is a sample scope of work for Online Elevator Records Analysis:

A.  ECA will contact your contractor to have them set up an online account if you do not already have one.  If you do have one, we will ask them to issue a password for ECA to use (they will check with you for approval).

B.  We will then review the contractor’s online records, providing you with a report either monthly or quarterly, according to your needs.  We can also perform a one-time report if you wish.

C.  Included in our report will be an analysis of the amount of time the contractor is spending on preventive maintenance at your property, and how the amount of time compares to the terms of your contract and/or to industry standards.

D.  We will also provide comment on problematic units or recurring problems we observe on one or more units.  Wherever possible, we will suggest steps which should be taken by the elevator to reduce the number of problems.

E.  ECA will also track the overall number of service calls at the property, and compare that number to industry standard for the type and age of equipment installed.

F.  We will detail any other observations regarding the service at the property, and make recommendations as to how to improve the service level as appropriate.

G.  THE ECA DIFFERENCE:  When you contract with ECA for Online Elevator Records Analysis, we will answer any/all questions you have about your elevator service as long as you are signed up for the service on a recurring basis.  Our goal is to help you understand your elevators and to manage them the most effectively.  By keeping ourselves available to you at all times, we can help you gain new understanding of your elevators and to save time and effort in doing research on your own.

IN ADDITION, if you combine any services with Online Elevator Records Analysis, which typically may include Vertical Transportation Condition AssessmentElevator Maintenance Contract ManagementElevator Contract Transition Management, or Total Invoice Management for Elevators, package discounts will apply beginning at 20% discount for the first additional service.

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