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Elevator Modernization Management

When the time comes to modernize your elevator or escalator equipment, ECA can manage the entire process for you, beginning with elevator modernization specifications written specifically for your property, through the bidding process, contract award, and finally in managing the project itself.  We’re there every step of the way, making sure that there are no surprises for you or your tenants.  We’ll save you the time and headache of managing the project, and by writing clear and customized specifications, we’ll make sure that the project finishes on time and within budget.

The following is a sample scope of work for Elevator Modernization Management:

A.  ECA will visit the subject property and perform a complete examination of all vertical transportation machine spaces.  We will formulate an initial specification listing our recommendations whether to replace, refurbish or retain all parts of the equipment.

B.  Next, we meet with you at your property and walk step by step through our specification and project plan.  At that time, we talk to you in depth about what you want to accomplish in the modernization, whether it be adding security options, special operations, destination dispatching, cab refurbishment, etc.  Only after we have a full understanding of your requirements will we finalize our specification.

C.  When the specification is complete, we will release the bid package to contractors which we have recommended and which you have approved.  We will then conduct the on-site walk-through, and field any questions that arise during the bidding process.

D.  When the bids have been received, we provide a complete analysis of the bids.  After discussing the bids with you, we will conduct contractor interviews as required.  Once all bids/contractors have been considered carefully, we will issue a recommendation as to which bidder the contract should be awarded.

E.  After the bid award, we will prepare the modernization and maintenance contract if you have chosen to use our standard contracts, or we will assist in preparing any form of contract you prefer to use.

F.  Once contracts are signed, ECA will manage the project beginning with a kickoff meeting and subsequent project meetings.  We will also very carefully go through with you any work required for you to contract separately, such as electrical, fire and life safety, structural, etc.  We make sure that you have all this work finished well before the contractor is ready for the inspection of the first elevator, so that there is no reason to delay turnover of any elevator.

G.  Once the project begins, we will visit the property as needed to make sure the work is on task.  We will provide a complete punchlist after each elevator is complete, and also provide a final project punchlist when the last units are back online.  We will continue to follow up at the property until the project fully complies with the specification and contract documents, as well as meets all applicable codes and ADA.

H.  THE ECA DIFFERENCE:  When you contract with ECA for a Elevator Modernization Management, we will answer any/all questions you have about your elevator service over the calendar year following turnover of the last elevator.  Our goal is to help you understand your elevators and to manage them the most effectively.  By keeping ourselves available over the year following project completion, we can help you gain new understanding of your elevators and to save time and effort in doing research on your own.


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